[Chicago-talk] Perl and svn help needed for Windows Git

Sean Blanton sean at blanton.com
Wed Oct 29 09:07:47 PDT 2008

Grrr... couldn't make the meeting last night and I'm a Perl guy becoming 
a Git guy. I hope to be a regular attendee in the future.

I'm not sure what you talked about, but the msysGit guys 
(http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/) need help compiling Perl and the 
git-svn bindings for the msys environment on Windows. You can read the 
saga here:


In order to get more users attracted to Git on Windows, the git-svn 
component has to work. Currently it doesn't.

So, if anyone wants to jump in and help, let Johannes Schindelin know vi 
the msysgit email list.

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