[Chicago-talk] Problems building DBD::ODBC

Alexander Danel danel at speakeasy.net
Tue Oct 28 12:07:21 PDT 2008

A common problem is that the test itself has a problem due to a mix of line

As you know, on Windows the line terminator is the two character sequence
[carriage-retrun, line-feed] aka "\r\n", rather than Unix [line-feed] aka "

Sometimes, the creator of the test makes sample data that includes the

Sometimes, the test itself dynamically creates a data file and if you are on
a windows platform the new data file might have a carriage-return on output,
but the input might not be prepared for that.

I have had these issues when building under Cygwin.

In Cygwin, there is the Unix utility "od" (octal dump) which can be run in
character mode; this will let you look at the file under the test or "t"
directories.  Use option "-c" to run in character mode:

	$ od -c myfile

You might also have utilities like the following:


Alternatively, you might consider just skipping the test phase, and going
straight to install.  Then, run a test of your own.

Alexander Danel

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