[Chicago-talk] LAN/Phone wiring help needed

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun May 11 05:43:57 PDT 2008


I apologize for double posting, and posting to possibly the wrong
list, but I figured someone at these could give me a referral.

Can anyone recommend someone to re-connect all my phone wires
(punch-down), and put in 2 network jacks?  <contradiction> Ideally
someone good and inexpensive </contradiction>.

I ripped out the nest upon nest of grerry-rigged phone wires in my
house (basement) where the entire phone service distribution/splicing
occurred.  It seemed that there were 3-4 separate installations from
previous owners of my home, where one installer patched into the
previous install.

I was trying to clean up all the wires and make room for getting
Comcast's voice/data/video service.  But I've messed something up and
don't have tons of time for working on it.  Some phones work, some
don't, weird clicking, intermittent outages.  I've probably got a
short or something.

I'm up in Lincolnshire.


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