[Chicago-talk] KDE Bindings for Perl

Jason L. Froebe jason at froebe.net
Thu May 8 07:41:03 PDT 2008

It wasn't me but I think it is a great idea :)  The current Perl/Qt bindings are well, not exactly complete.  
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Hey there everyone!

I received an email from one of the Perl'ites in Chicago after Flourish 
concerning working on the existing Perl bindings for KDE 4 and possibly Qt 4. I 
somehow misplaced that email so I am hoping it was one of you, which I am more 
than positive it was. I am the one who gave the talk on KDE 4 at Flourish and I 
believe Clyde Forrester is the one who directed us to contact. Thanks!

Richard A. Johnson
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