[Chicago-talk] search utility

Michael Potter michael at potter.name
Mon Mar 24 10:35:14 PDT 2008

Chicago Perl Mongers,

I have a need for a very simple search engine for a directory of documents
(pdf, html, ps, source code, xml, ...).  The size is several GB of data.

I am just guessing that there is a some perl module/program that will do
this for me.  That is: listen to a port for attachments from a browser, then
serve out a page that has a text box to type a query string, then return
links to the documents.

I am hoping this has two parts:
1) a perl program that build an index, and
2) a perl program that is the server.

If you guys tells me that this does not exist, then what modules would you
recommend I look at and glue together to create such an animal.

Michael Potter
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