[Chicago-talk] Robust Shell Scripting using Bash 3.x

Dave Hoover dave at obtiva.com
Sun Mar 9 13:19:36 PDT 2008

Michael Potter has stepped up to talk about Bash at the meeting at IIT
in Wheaton on Tuesday night.  We'll likely be hearing more from Fred
Polgardy about JavaScript in April.

You can find directions at http://chicago.pm.org/meetings/#wheaton

 Robust Shell Scripting using Bash 3.x

 Tuesday March 11th 2008
 Wheaton, Illinois Institute of Technology - Rice Campus, Room 103

 bash (and scripting languages in general) act as the glue that hold other
 system components together.  This presentation will focus on the underutilized
 features of bash that are critical to building production quality scripts.
 Demos will show you how and why to turn these features on.

 Much of the bash syntax is redundant; I will also explain which syntax
 to use and which syntax to avoid.

 Knowledge of any of the common UNIX scripting languages will be sufficient
 to attend this meeting.

 Michael has been working IT industry since 1989 when he
 switched from programming automotive embedded systems.

 Since that time he has been involved in projects related
 to moving mainframe applications to UNIX and Linux using
 opensource technologies.  Projects have included a CICS
 emulater written in C, a source code control and configuration
 system built on top of cvs, a DFSORT like set of utilities
 that work similar to sed/grep/sort tools on unix, and
 a JCL to bash conversion scheme.

 You can reach Michael at michael at potter.name

Dave Hoover
//obtiva:  Agility applied. Software delivered.

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