[Chicago-talk] ANN: TechCoffee, Season Five!

John Melesky list at phaedrusdeinus.org
Fri Feb 8 09:14:14 PST 2008

Short version:

Starting Monday, Feb 11, 6:30AM,
for 10 weeks,
at the Same Ol' Caribou Coffee (at the NW corner of LaSalle and Lake)

Long version:

It's Friday. You're looking forward to the weekend, where you will sit  
back and relax.

But don't you have a patch you're working on for Perl6? Isn't your  
blog comment system still screwed up? How about that business idea  
that really should only need a couple days' worth of coding, but that  
you just haven't gotten around to?

That, my friends, is what TechCoffee is for. A few hours of  
productivity, once a week.

Why are you productive at TechCoffee? Because everyone there is  
working, and there's power in numbers. It's like a quilting bee, or a  
running club. Only for coders.

Because we work at the productive hours of the day, before the coding  
life has been drained out of you by a workday of meetings and drudgery.

Are you ready? Okay.

Show up to the Caribou Coffee at LaSalle and Lake (conveniently  
located near *every* L line) at 6:30AM Monday morning. Once you're  
there, code. Promise someone that you'll be there the following  
Monday. Repeat.

Or, if you're feeling advanced, remember that the season goes for ten  
weeks. Plan milestones. Get all project-managerish. Make a chart. Just  
remember to code, too.

I promise y'all that i'll be there Monday morning, 6:30AM. I'll bring  
a power strip, too. And i'm gonna code.


ps- Check http://techcoffee.com/ for more info (well, actually, for  
pretty much the same info).

pps- This is the location:

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