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David Young davidy at nationalcycle.com
Mon Sep 17 13:41:47 PDT 2007

Sure.  The application is pretty simple.  One of our vendors wants us to print barcode labels and apply them to the products we ship.  They have a "vendor portal" that we can query and get a copy of the order by entering a PO number.  Rather than go to their site and download the TSV to the local drive, just to load it into our web app, the general idea is this:

1.  Invoke web app from local server.  The first screen asks the user for the vendor's PO number.
2.  web app goes to vendor website and gets PO in TSV format using LWP or WWW::Mechanize
3.  web app creates a table showing the vendor item number, supplier item number, description, qty ordered and qty to print, etc.
     The qty to print is initially just a copy of the qty ordered. but is in a text field so that the user can override the qty.  If no changes are needed, he can just press the "Print Lables" option.
4. The web app creates a specially formatted file that is then dumped onto the barcode printing machine.  A program that is running over there reads the data, uses the information to print the barcode labels.

I could use CGI.pm for everything, but thought I'd branch out a little and try a new module that might make creating the information and sending it back to the web app for label printing.


>>> andy at petdance.com 09/17/07 03:24PM >>>

On Sep 17, 2007, at 3:12 PM, David Young wrote:

> Hi.  I'm new to the list, so be gentle.  ;-)
> I'm writing a relatively simple CGI app that uses LWP/ 
> WWW::Mechanize to get a TSV file, and then will present a form to  
> the user for edit and then submission.
> What perl module would you recommend using for the forms generation  
> and packaging of the form params back to the CGI application?  I've  
> heard CGI::Application would be good for this, any other  
> recommendations?  TIA.

 From what I'm seeing here, the fact that you're getting stuff out of  
a file fetched w/Mech doesn't matter, does it?  You're just building  
a screen that you can present to your user?  CGI::Application might  
be overkill, but it's hard to tell specifics of your app.

Can you give more details on what the flow would look like?  User  
does X, your program does Y, presents user with Z, user enters....


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