[Chicago-talk] Suburban meetings need a new organizer

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Fri Oct 26 08:25:20 PDT 2007

I'm stepping aside as organizer of the suburban Chicago.PM and  
Uniforum meetings.  If meetings are to continue out in the suburbs,  
someone needs to step forward and take over the responsibility of  
organizing them, either getting people to speak, or figuring out what  
will happen during the meeting.

What you choose to do with the mantle of organizer is up to you.   
There's no "supposed to" or "have to".  This is open source, and it  
works with meetings just like software.  Whatever someone does is  
what happens.  We have a space at IIT in Wheaton on the 2nd Tuesday  
of each month, although that could probably get changed by working  
with the Uniforum people.

I'll say it again: Whatever someone does to make meetings happens is  
what will happen for meetings.  YOU can make the meetings be exactly  
what you want.  You wanna have 'em at the bar down the street from  
your house?  Then take the meeting organizer hat and make it happen.   
If you want to have panel discussions about how Perl can be used best  
for figuring out lotto numbers, then by all means, do it.

Messages about "Wheaton sucks, we should move the meeting to X" or  
"We should have X at our meetings" are not helpful unless YOU are the  
one who is going to make X happen.  Without YOU taking some sort of  
action to make it happen, you're really saying "I want you to do X  
for me," and that's not helpful, and is frustrating at best.

I will help however I can.  If you're at all interested, even if only  
in helping a bit, please let me know.


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