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Tom Yarrish tom at yarrish.com
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On Feb 20, 2007, at 7:29 PM, Joshua McAdams wrote:

> There once was a website that attempted to link up Perl programmers
> and learners... actually, I just found it at
> http://apprentice.perl.org/.  Anyway, it looks like it has gotten
> stale.  PerlMentor.com seems like a great idea.  I'm actually learning
> catalyst atm and would love to help out.
> On 2/20/07, Tom Yarrish <tom at yarrish.com> wrote:
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>> Hey all,
>> I was listening to the latest Perlcast interview on the way to work
>> this morning, and started to think about something that Uri said
>> towards the end of the interview.  Mostly about his love of the Perl
>> community and how he's seen issues getting quality Perl programmers
>> into jobs where they are needed.
>> So I started thinking about how I've struggled to learn Perl over the
>> last few years (mainly because I don't work in a job where I can
>> program at all really), and how it would be nice to "pair up" with
>> someone in a student/teacher scenario.  Then I started thinking about
>> a mentor program that was started on the Binary Revolution website
>> (http://www.binrev.com/projects/mentors.html if anyone is
>> interested), and I thought "Why not Perl?"
>> Now part of this is for partially selfish reasons, since I'm hoping
>> to learn Perl in the process.  But I went ahead and registered
>> perlmentors.com, and I'm looking for input/ideas/help on what to put
>> on the site.  I was thinking of building the site using Catalyst, so
>> I'm starting the process of getting that installed on the server
>> now.  I figured if it's a Perl related site, it should probably run
>> in Perl.
>> Does anyone think this is a good idea?  Does something like this
>> exist already?  I know there's Perl Monks, but that seems more to be
>> a forum for help, not necessarily what I'm looking at doing.
>> I was also thinking this is a way I could "give back" to the Perl
>> community in a "non-Perl" programming way (at least until I can
>> really start some serious Perl programming).
>> I was thinking as well of posting this message on the perl-beginners
>> list, but I figured I'd start locally first :p
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
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Didn't notice that site before.  It doesn't seem like any of the  
projects actually had any work done however.  But it's similar to the  
idea I had.

Overall I was thinking in the line of "Okay, I've read the Llama, and  
Intermediate Perl, but I don't program for a living, so what's next?"  
sort of thing.  Maybe break it into a section where there are  
assignments like the end of the Perl book chapters (or from Randal's  
Perls of Wisdom) but give the project and then one possible idea.

I'd love the help in getting the site up on Catalyst, I just need to  
figure out how to get the framework installed on Dreamhost (was  
trying that all day without success).  So I may just throw up a  
starter page tomorrow to get the ball rolling, and get some attention  
to it and build it up from there.

If there's any other suggestions that people have to add to it, sort  
of a "I wish they had x when I was learning Perl" I'd love to hear it.


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