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Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 17:29:08 PST 2007

There once was a website that attempted to link up Perl programmers
and learners... actually, I just found it at
http://apprentice.perl.org/.  Anyway, it looks like it has gotten
stale.  PerlMentor.com seems like a great idea.  I'm actually learning
catalyst atm and would love to help out.

On 2/20/07, Tom Yarrish <tom at yarrish.com> wrote:
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> Hey all,
> I was listening to the latest Perlcast interview on the way to work
> this morning, and started to think about something that Uri said
> towards the end of the interview.  Mostly about his love of the Perl
> community and how he's seen issues getting quality Perl programmers
> into jobs where they are needed.
> So I started thinking about how I've struggled to learn Perl over the
> last few years (mainly because I don't work in a job where I can
> program at all really), and how it would be nice to "pair up" with
> someone in a student/teacher scenario.  Then I started thinking about
> a mentor program that was started on the Binary Revolution website
> (http://www.binrev.com/projects/mentors.html if anyone is
> interested), and I thought "Why not Perl?"
> Now part of this is for partially selfish reasons, since I'm hoping
> to learn Perl in the process.  But I went ahead and registered
> perlmentors.com, and I'm looking for input/ideas/help on what to put
> on the site.  I was thinking of building the site using Catalyst, so
> I'm starting the process of getting that installed on the server
> now.  I figured if it's a Perl related site, it should probably run
> in Perl.
> Does anyone think this is a good idea?  Does something like this
> exist already?  I know there's Perl Monks, but that seems more to be
> a forum for help, not necessarily what I'm looking at doing.
> I was also thinking this is a way I could "give back" to the Perl
> community in a "non-Perl" programming way (at least until I can
> really start some serious Perl programming).
> I was thinking as well of posting this message on the perl-beginners
> list, but I figured I'd start locally first :p
> Thanks,
> Tom
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