[Chicago-talk] WWW::Mechanize question

James.Q.L shijialeee at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 07:41:36 PST 2007

sorry replying myself.

I have found a solution. W::M is a subclass of LWP. so all i need to do is 

$mech->post( $post_url,
      field_1 => value,
      fake_field => fake_value,

but still, i would like to know how to do that in mech if there is a way.



--- "James.Q.L" <shijialeee at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hello,
> long time LWP user. i am just start to use W::M and Test::W::M. 
> in LWP, I can post to a form with any field i want. however, i can't find the method in W::M do
> that. the field and set_fields can only set the known form fields but complain when i am setting
> unknown fields.  
> this is what i do in LWP.
> $response = $browser->post( $post_url,
>    [
>      field_1 => value,
>      fake_field => fake_value,
>    ],
>  );
> do i need to use the overloaded request method to do that?
> also, it was not clear to me that when i am posting to a url, does all the hidden fields posted
> along with it as well? it seems that it does.
> thanks,
> Qiang
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