[Chicago-talk] Please test my new speedy ack-1.75_01.tar.gz

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Thu Dec 6 18:46:46 PST 2007

I've released 1.75_01 which is a big speedup for what I suspect is the  
most common case of scanning large directories of many relatively  
(<100K) small files and not finding matches in all of them.

Here's what it does:  It checks the size of each file, and if it's  
<100K, slurps up the entire file.  Then, it scans the entire 100K file  
at once, and if there are no matches, then there's no need to do the  
line-by-line more expensive searching.

In my test scanning a couple of big source directories like ~/parrot,  
it saved about 40% run-time.  If I had -C or -B to store context, it  
saved about 70% run-time because the saving of context is more  

So, please, check it out and make sure all is still working.  Also,  
any eyes on the algorithm I'm using would be appreciated, too.  I'm  
sure I can do things cleaner or a bit more speedily, but right now I'm  
mostly worried about accuracy.


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