[Chicago-talk] What's up with Perl 6?

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Dec 2 18:33:42 PST 2007

> The Pugs blog is generally has enjoyable articles:
> http://pugs.blogs.com/

I'm not sure if I really get what Pugs is.  I think:
Perl6 is a language specification.  Pugs reads Perl6 source and
executes it, but instead of being written in C, its written is

Whereas, in some future, there will be a Perl compiler, that will
compile down to a Parrot bytecode?  At that point, when you write a
Perl6 script, to run it, I'll just say "perl somefile.pl" and behind
the scenes it will be compiled using the Perl6 compiler, and executed
by the Parrot machine?

> ...Someone was probably working on this at some point.  dotnet is similar
> and more complete:
> https://svn.perl.org/parrot/trunk/languages/dotnet
> Jonathan Worthington did a lot of this work, and has some good articles
> on his web site:
> http://www.jnthn.net/articles.shtml
> Regards,
> Jonathan Rockway

Thanks, I'll surf the links you provided.


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