[Chicago-talk] What's up with Perl 6?

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Dec 2 15:28:49 PST 2007


What's the scoop with Perl 6? I was surfing the perl6 site and I see
that Parrot still has active development, but I don't see any activity
on the Perl 6 side.

I want to make sure I understand things correctly.  Parrot is a VM
upon which you will/can run a multitude of languages.  Those languages
must compile down to their native byte code, and then there will be
some sort of plug in bytecode converter, that will convert the native
bytecode to something that will run on Parrot?

Lastly, I thought there were plans to run Java upon Parrot, but I
don't see that in the languages.  I thought I also heard a couple of
years ago was that one would be able to write hybrid Perl/Java swing,
compile it into Java bytecode, and run it in the JVM?  Did I hear that
wrong, is there any movement in that type of direction?

Just curious.


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