[Chicago-talk] what's wrong with chicago.pm

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Tue Aug 8 11:13:44 PDT 2006

I'm looking for a Perl job, but I don't know C#.  I'm not adverse to
learning it, though.  (I do know Java, though, and I hear they're

Quick breakdown of Perl experience (in the last year):

2 big apps for UofC, NMR reservation and "Mailing List Generator"
(friendly interface to HR data).  7 CPAN distributions; patches to a few
others (actively working on HTML::Tidy with Andy... when we have time
:); 2 major apps, blog, and workstation backup. 
http://www.jrock.us/trac for the wikis and SVN repositories for all that.

Jonathan Rockway

> On a final off-topic note, if anyone is a Perl and C# programmer and
> is looking for a job, send me a note.

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