[Chicago-talk] what's wrong with chicago.pm

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 11:08:18 PDT 2006

In follow-up to the what's wrong with chicago.pm.org note, here is the
inflammatory note asking what's wrong with Chicago.pm... okay, not
really, but the YAPC burnout is officially over and it's time to start
being active again.  Here's what I have:

- Today, as in within the next few hours, the final tally of PM shirts
will be given to Omaha.pm so that they can have the shirts created.
This is the last call to sign up at

- Amazon.com is sending a developer to Chicago to talk about the
Amazon Web Services.  I'm hoping that we can see what all of the
services are and see some in action.  Right now I have September 19th
marked off as the date for Amazon to visit... official announcements
coming out soon.

- Presenters... anyone want to talk in August?  I'm publicly prodding
Mike Fragassi (sorry Mike, I should have asked you privately first) to
see if he would mind doing a practice run of the talk that he is
slotted to give on September 23rd at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop
(http://pghpw.org).... how about it?  No pressure or anything :)  If
not Mike, I know that Pete and Andy have both been working on some
cool projects... Andy on the Parrot Cage Cleaners and Pete on PITA.
Both of those sound cool.

- As mentioned, the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is September 23rd.  I'm
about 75% sure I'll be going.  Frag is of course going to be there....
anybody else?  If anyone wants, we can probably carpool and save some
$$.  Other options that I've priced include Amtrak at $102 round-trip
(in at 4am, out at 11pm) and Greyhound at $120 (hotel required).
Flying was in the $200 range, so I'll probably end up taking the

On a final off-topic note, if anyone is a Perl and C# programmer and
is looking for a job, send me a note.


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