[Chicago-talk] Looking for good Perl .hlp/.chm docs.

Wiggins d'Anconia wiggins at danconia.org
Fri Aug 4 08:33:22 PDT 2006

Andrew Bedno wrote:
> Long time reader, first time writer... Having searched the www over, thought
> it worth asking this group...
> I like my programming language manuals in help file format as that provides
> good searchability.  PHP's .chm for example is extraordinary and even
> includes user contributed notes and examples.
> But the only Perl docs I've found (ActiveState for example) are html, so
> I've got no arbitrary searching, nor even much cross referencing.  I've
> found a few help files versions but they're simple conversions from the
> html.
> So, anyone got a lead on a good .HLP or .CHM version of Perl docs?
> Thanx!
> Andrew at Bedno.com
> ChicagoFunNews.com - Chicago's oldest online entertainment guide.

It is HTML again, but in case you haven't seen it the Perl docs
themselves are available at,


Which seems to have a reasonably efficient search mechanism. It is
certainly a clean design, and ad free (other than the Perl plugs).


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