[Chicago-talk] Looking for good Perl .hlp/.chm docs.

Andrew Rodland arodland at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 20:01:15 PDT 2006

On Thursday 03 August 2006 5:20 pm, Andrew Bedno wrote:
> Long time reader, first time writer... Having searched the www over,
> thought it worth asking this group...
> I like my programming language manuals in help file format as that provides
> good searchability.  PHP's .chm for example is extraordinary and even
> includes user contributed notes and examples.
> But the only Perl docs I've found (ActiveState for example) are html, so
> I've got no arbitrary searching, nor even much cross referencing.  I've
> found a few help files versions but they're simple conversions from the
> html.
> So, anyone got a lead on a good .HLP or .CHM version of Perl docs?
Who says HTML isn't easily searchable? HTML is practically the most searchable 
thing out there. And CHM is nothing more than HTML with some compression and 
preprocessing -- as I understand it, PHP's CHM manual is produced directly 
from the HTML of the Annotated Manual.

Also, Perl's native documentation format isn't HTML; it's POD, which is 
expected to be displayed (mostly) by the 'perldoc' tool. Unfortunately, 
windows systems are in general too terminal-incompetent to run perldoc 
properly, which is why ActiveState employs a POD->HTML converter to prerender 
all of the docs for its packages.  If you like, I see no reason why you 
couldn't take all of that HTML and produce a CHM file using free tools -- and 
then MS HTML Help will do the indexing and searching.


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