[Chicago-talk] laptop, which brand is good.

tiger peng tigerpeng2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 09:37:15 PST 2005

Thanks everyone for the information.

I planed to buy a thinkpad, as I used it for a long
time. However, the price they list online just
confused me. I called the salesman, and got a
different price. I really fell uncomfortable to do the
deal with them.

I went to CDW
and chose "Acer TM4062WLMi", I hope it is a right


--- Steven Lembark <lembark at wrkhors.com> wrote:

> -- Imran Javaid <ijavaid at usa.net>
> > When it comes to brands, there are several decent
> (mail-order) brands to
> > choose from (Dell, IBM, Panasonic). Mail-order
> works better. You get
> > better selection through customization. I would
> stay away from brick and
> > mortar stores since those are consumer oriented
> mostly. 
> As a linux user, from now on I'll avoid Dell like
> the 
> Plague. As they've grown, Dell has followed the same
> path as Compaq: designing mostly-custom hardware
> that
> doesn't have out-of-the-box support from anyone but 
> themselves. As the hardware gets more proprietary
> even
> people I know running windows have probelms with it.
> > When connecting to a linux desktop, use Cygwin
> (and Cygwin-X). Its not too
> > hard to get it working if you follow the
> instructions. You can run your
> > X-windows apps from your laptop easily with that.
> Apple makes excellent hardware -- even better if you
> don't plan to run linux on it :-) I picked up a Dell
> I8600 for the screen but for a "portable desktop" 
> Apple has larger, cleaner screens with rather nice
> keyboards availble for decent prices these days.
> If you are using the thing on-site for a multi-month
> gig (what I use my machine for) then size is less of
> an issue than if you haul it to work every day (or
> home on the plane every week). At that point I'd go
> for the best-looking screen and cleanest-feeling 
> keyboard/pointer: they are what you really use.
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