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Alan Mead amead at alanmead.org
Sun Dec 4 06:50:43 PST 2005


I use vim on Linux or Cygwin and I love it... the syntax highlighting
isn't glitch-free but it's good enough to be very helpful.  I print
using 'enscript -G2rE' which has pretty good Perl syntax highlighting. 
But I'm completely biased towards the Unix approach of making your own,
not-so-integrated "IDE" by using your favorite stand-alone tools...  I
don't know how much you've already tweaked vim but of course it has so
much flexibility and you're already familiar with it ... so optimizing
that path might be the best.

But I evaluated Komodo to see if I could recommend it for my
Windows-centric friends.  I think it would be helpful, at the least, in
shielding Windows users from using the crippled (IMHO) DOS command
line.  And I'm sure there are a lot of programmers out there who feel as
strongly about IDE's as I do about the "Unix approach".   But I'm not
convinced that these are always (or generally) big time-savers.


JT Smith wrote:

>My entire Perl life (10 years now), I've been using vim for editing my perl programs. 
>It's fair to say I've written a million lines of perl code in vim. Though I love vim, I 
>don't want to be missing out on things that could make my life easier. I'm wondering, 
>what do you use for your Perl IDE?
>I've recently started looking at Komodo, Eclipse, and Xcode. Any thumbs up or down on 
>those? Any pointers in other directions?
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