[Chicago-talk] Chicago Computing Events + Our Next meeting

Leland Johnson easyasy2k at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 14:54:08 PDT 2005

I can do a "oh gee that's cool" demo. I haven't been using it that
much lately, but I should be able to do a nice overview.

Also, a RSS feed is great. Too bad upcoming.org doesn't escape "?" for you...

On 4/26/05, jason at multiply.org <jason at multiply.org> wrote:
> Hi All.
> For a while, Ed Summers and I have been updating http://chicomp.multiply.org/
> with links for local user groups.  Well, after thoroughly screwing up the wiki
> and dealing with some jerks rolling changes back constantly, we have simply
> moved that  info over to upcoming.org as a tag.
> http://chicomp.multiply.org/ will now redirect to
> http://upcoming.org/tag/chicagocomputing/ and we are updating things
> here as we
> get them.  This is just a tag on upcoming.org, so Ed and I don't "own" it.  If
> you know of something that we don't have, post it!
> Our next meeting is on there, now as well.
> And speaking of that, who wants to step up and give a short (5-10 minute)
> presentation?
> I could do a practical example of using some unique mason features for MVC
> separation and access control.  Yay!  That was easy.  there is one.  :)
> Ummm.....Leland, you had given me a demo of SVK a while ago, that was pretty
> slick.  Perhaps you would like to show that to everyone?  There was some SVK
> talk at the last chiPY meeting as well, and a lot of interest.
> Anyone else?
> Thanks!
> -jason gessner
>      jason at multiply.org
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