[Chicago-talk] Chicago Computing Events + Our Next meeting

jason at multiply.org jason at multiply.org
Tue Apr 26 08:23:20 PDT 2005

Hi All.

For a while, Ed Summers and I have been updating http://chicomp.multiply.org/
with links for local user groups.  Well, after thoroughly screwing up the wiki
and dealing with some jerks rolling changes back constantly, we have simply
moved that  info over to upcoming.org as a tag.

http://chicomp.multiply.org/ will now redirect to
http://upcoming.org/tag/chicagocomputing/ and we are updating things 
here as we
get them.  This is just a tag on upcoming.org, so Ed and I don't "own" it.  If
you know of something that we don't have, post it!

Our next meeting is on there, now as well.

And speaking of that, who wants to step up and give a short (5-10 minute)

I could do a practical example of using some unique mason features for MVC
separation and access control.  Yay!  That was easy.  there is one.  :)

Ummm.....Leland, you had given me a demo of SVK a while ago, that was pretty
slick.  Perhaps you would like to show that to everyone?  There was some SVK
talk at the last chiPY meeting as well, and a lot of interest.

Anyone else?


-jason gessner
     jason at multiply.org

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