[Chicago-talk] I've got a place!!!

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Thu Sep 2 18:10:12 CDT 2004

Ok. I don't know if anyone will like it, but worst case scenario, I've got a nice quiet 
place with tables, chairs, and a projector. Did I mention that they won't charge us a 
dime to use the facility? Apparently that's where my outrageously high property taxes 
are going. But since I'm paying for it anyway, we might as well use it! =)

It's the Grayslake Library. Grayslake is pretty far north of Chicago, but there is a 
Metra stop about a mile from the library, so it should be pretty easy for people to hop 
a train out here if needed.

In addition to the room and lcd projector, they also have a coffee maker, slide 
projector, overhead projector, analog modem access, portable mics, tv, vcr, piano, and a 
podium. We can use any of that stuff for free.

The first and second tuesdays of the month are already booked, but we can try to come up 
with another scheduled date. Currently October 6th and 13th are both available for the 
october meeting. But that is of course subject to change.

I should also note that there are plenty of diners, restaurants, pubs, and even a pool 
all nearby. So if we want to do any social stuff before or after, that's still doable.

Let me know what you guys think so I can reserve the room if necessary.

JT ~ Plain Black

Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave. 

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