[Chicago-talk] Possible new meeting location

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Wed Sep 1 15:26:03 CDT 2004

>Personally, I'm not focused on finding something that far north.  I happen
>to know someone there, they have decent facilities, and I thought I could
>get it cheap or free.  Was only trying to help.  If it's not acceptable,
>please find us other options.  I'm in freaking DeKalb for crying out loud.
>If I'm willing to drive in, I can't see why others have such a problem.

I know this is very far north, but it's where I live and work, so it's what I know. I 
know a few people at college of lake county. I think I can get a classroom for free. I'm 
going there tommorrow to find out for sure. But if nobody is willing to come up this far 
then I won't bother.

JT ~ Plain Black

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