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Jon Amundsen jamundsen at jamundsen.dyndns.org
Sat Oct 23 12:09:29 CDT 2004

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 09:45:54PM -0800, Sean M. Burke wrote:
> At 04:29 AM 2004-09-20, Shawn Carroll wrote:
> >[...] We think we may have found a bug in how HTML::Tree handles nested 
> >comments.
> OK, Gisle and I are merrily unanimous on this point:
> >To: "Sean M. Burke" <sburke at cpan.org>
> >Subject: Re: Nested comments in HTML
> >From: Gisle Aas <gisle at ActiveState.com>
> >Date: 10 Oct 2004 22:30:29 -0700
> >
> >"Sean M. Burke" <sburke at cpan.org> writes:
> >>[...]I'm tempted to say "that because there's /no such thing/ as nested 
> >>comments in HTML".
> >>
> >>What do you think?
> >
> >I think exactly the same.  I even know that there's no such thing :)
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Sounds like an executive decision to me.  I'm removing the reference to those things that don't exist from the .t files and the test html file.  Even though they don't exist, should they be mentioned in the doc somewhere as not supported?


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