Fwd: [Chicago-talk] HTML::Tree progress

Sean M. Burke sburke at cpan.org
Mon Oct 11 00:45:54 CDT 2004

At 04:29 AM 2004-09-20, Shawn Carroll wrote:
>[...] We think we may have found a bug in how HTML::Tree handles nested 

OK, Gisle and I are merrily unanimous on this point:

>To: "Sean M. Burke" <sburke at cpan.org>
>Subject: Re: Nested comments in HTML
>From: Gisle Aas <gisle at ActiveState.com>
>Date: 10 Oct 2004 22:30:29 -0700
>"Sean M. Burke" <sburke at cpan.org> writes:
>>[...]I'm tempted to say "that because there's /no such thing/ as nested 
>>comments in HTML".
>>What do you think?
>I think exactly the same.  I even know that there's no such thing :)

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