[Chicago-talk] new camelbones (0.2.1)

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 09:31:35 CST 2004

For those interested in such things (i.e., OS X
people), there's a new version of Camelbones that's
out (0.2.1).

For the unaware, Apple was nice enough to provide the
PerlObjCBridge to allow perl coders to write OS X apps
on the command line (i.e., access Apple's Foundation
frameworks), but that's not terribly useful, IMHO. The
camelbones framework allows you to hook into the
AppKit framework and build actual working OS X
applications in Perl. Nifty stuff.

(well, I'll editorialize and say that you should
actually just learn objective-c if you want to write
OS X apps, but I digress).

Actually, speaking of this, is anyone interested in
hearing a talk on using the camelbones framework? It's
a bit more of a speciality talk (only the OS X people
would care), but I'd be willing to do one. Of course,
I'd need at least a month or two to actually learn the
frameworks better, but since I already know perl and
already know objective-c with the cocoa frameworks for
OS X, it's fairly straightforward to me.

Any interest? If so, I'll start prepping for some
future date.


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