[Chicago-talk] Best perl editor on Linux?

Mike Pastore mike at oobak.org
Tue Jan 27 17:37:24 CST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 11:36, Greg Fast wrote:
> Xemacs and emacs both have interactive tutorials under their "Help"
> menus, should you wish to familiarize yourself.  I'm personally more
> productive in emacs-land than vi-land, and could lend some advice
> (both general and perl-related).

I'm surprised nobody mentioned "vimtutor," which comes with most vim
installations. I recommend it to people even if they're trying to learn
vanilla vi.

The biggest problem I have with vi is that eventually you start to
expect everything to act like it... for example, I'll be in a browser
window furiously pounding "j" expecting the screen to scroll down, or
I'll try to :wq out of an email. :-)

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