[Chicago-talk] Best perl editor on Linux?

Greg Fast gdf at speakeasy.net
Mon Jan 26 11:36:00 CST 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 00:35:26 -0600, "Sachin Karol" <skarol1 at uic.edu> wrote:
> >From a novice user's point of view, which is the best editor for perl? I
> have been using pico but can use help with color highlights of the
> syntax etc.

I won't participate in a religious argument about it, but just to
uphold the honor of the clan:

Xemacs and emacs both have interactive tutorials under their "Help"
menus, should you wish to familiarize yourself.  I'm personally more
productive in emacs-land than vi-land, and could lend some advice
(both general and perl-related).

I also endorse Komodo for the upcoming novice.

Greg Fast

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