[Chicago-talk] Re: Extracting info from Outlook's *.pst files

Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Wed Jan 21 09:31:27 CST 2004

I caught this off the module-authors list. It looks like barbie is going
to be releasing a module to get at Outlook files if you are still
interested, and are running Perl under Windows. The module isn't on
CPAN yet, but there is a link below for grabbing the tarball.


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Subject: Mail::Outlook module
Date: 21 Jan 2004 14:00:40 +0000

Dear Module Authors,

Since my initial attempts to send mail via Outlook attached to an Exchange server, I now have a set of modules that can also read email items within Outlook Mail Folders. Initially this was a module for me to learn how to use the Win32 API via Perl, but wondered whether it might be useful to anyone else.

My current name for the distribution is


which includes the following modules:


Each uses an OO style interface, with the Mail::Outlook module being the master module that should be used to interface to the outside world.

I have two questions ....

1) Is this a distribution worth uploading to CPAN?
2) Is Mail::Outlook a suitable namespace or are there better suggestions?

The current version is available online [1] if anyone wanted to have a look at it.

[1] http://birmingham.pm.org/modules/Mail-Outlook-0.05.tar.gz

>From studying the MailBox distribution, there are distributions on CPAN, which read the Outlook Express folders and email messages (although badly named IMO as they only refer to the DBX extension, but that's another story), but nothing that refers to Outlook specifically.

All thoughts and suggestions gratefully accepted.



This module was written to overcome the problem of sending mail messages, 
where Microsoft (R) Outlook (R) is the only mail application available.
However, since it's inception the module has expanded to handle a range of 
Outlook mail functionality.

Note that when sending messages, the module uses the named owner of the 
Outbox MAPI Folder in order to access the correct objects. Thus the From 
field of a new message is predetermined, and a read only property.

If using the 'Win32::OLE::Const' constants, only the following are currently 



The distribution requires the following modules:


For testing purposes, the following modules are desirable, but not essential:


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