[Chicago-talk] Login

Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Tue Jan 20 16:07:45 CST 2004

petemar1 wrote:
> # :UNRESOLVED: login and scrape with WWW::Search::Ebay::Completed, MMP,
> JAN/20/2004
> my $oSearch = new WWW::Search('Ebay::Completed');
> $oSearch->login($user, $pass);
> my $sQuery = WWW::Search::escape_query("canon digital
> camera  -battery -case -cable
> -card -memory -camcorder");
> $oSearch->native_query($sQuery);
> print $oResult->url, "\n";
> $oSearch->logout;

First off, I don't know what Ebay::Completed is. Shouldn't that be

    my $oSearch = new WWW::Search( 'Ebay' );

The results of a search (your $oSearch object) can have many results. This
is why the docs [1] tell you to use the next_result() iterator to fetch
them. So instead of:

    print $oResult->url, "\n";

You need:

    while ( my $oResult = $oSearch->next_result() ) {
        print $oResult->url(), "\n";

If you were using 'strict' you would've noticed that your $oResult
variable was never declared, because your program wouldn't compile!. There is 
rarely a reason not to have this at the top of your Perl program.

    use strict;


[1] http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?WWW::Search::Ebay

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