[Chicago-talk] Extracting info from Outlook's *.pst files

Emil Janev ejanev2 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 07:59:48 CST 2004

--- Steven Lembark <lembark at wrkhors.com> wrote:
> > My colleague is having problems with Outlook.
> At least he is in the good company of millions of other
> windows users...

I tried convincing of pointing my coleague to other Mail Client instead of Outlook. But 
non-technical stuf (like Comercials, Administrative assistants ...) are pretty stuck on
Windows and proprietary things, especially from MS.

> There was a TPJ issue on email -- the cover had a magic
> 8-ball with the phrase "Outlook Not Good" showing. There
> may have been an article in there. I'd check TPJ's online
> archive and see if they have anything.

I'll keep in mind that "Ootlook Not Good". I might find the TPJ issue online too.
Thanks for this.


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