[Chicago-talk] theft is good

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 10:01:30 CST 2004

 > Read the Camel, there are dozens of references. At
> the
> very least, Perl began as a mix of shell, C,
> unistd.h,
> lisp, ada, sed, awk, and whatever natural languages
> Larry studied in college.
> Over time it's added a few functional ideas from
> C++/Java/Python (largely by avoiding their
> mistakes).
> The Lisp/C/Shell/sed+awk roots are still quite
> obvious.

I hadn't realized you guys were in management. Your
answers are swift, complete, answer the question, and
provide no new information whatsoever. ;)

While I will freely admit that I have been rather
guilty of tunnel vision regarding development over the
years, I think it's rather pompous to assume that
there are no new techniques or tricks or paradigms
from other languages that have not yet been

I'm well aware of perl's history. It's also possible
that every single nifty thing that's ever been done in
any other language ever already exists in some obscure
module on CPAN. Still, reading the docs for
Class::Observable I never would've thought it
something interesting to use (POE would be overkill
for a notification center, I think) until I
cross-referenced it with my objective-c experience.

Surely I'm not the only one that frequently uses a
language other than perl, and surely I'm not the only
one that looked at the way things are done in another
language and said, "Hey, that's neat. I can use that
in perl." And yes, downloading something from CPAN
counts. And that's what I'd be interested in hearing


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