[Chicago-talk] A question of design

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 12:48:07 CST 2004

> >         'validTemplate' => 'success.tpl',
> >         'invalidTemplate' => 'failure.tpl',
> Why do you use a different template to signify a
> failure? Wouldn't it 
> be better to just give them back the original form
> and display what the 
> problem was inline above the field in question?
> Also I'm curious what module you are using for the
> templates.

Two reasons. One is simply flexibility - make it
easier to have two different templates in the future.
There's no reason that you can't use the same template
for both success and failure right now, and I figured
I'd rather duplicate it there than have to hack
something in later.

Regardless, you're correct about how I use it, a lot
of the time. Most of the time I'd set the invalid
template to the form page they're currently at, and
the success template would be the different thing that
they get bounced to (potentially). success.tpl and
failure.tpl were just example filenames.

As for the templating system, it's homemade, like most
of my other stuff.


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