[Chicago-talk] Processing XSLT with Perl

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Wed Feb 11 15:24:54 CST 2004

> The Apache AxKit [1] project uses XML::Sablotron [2] for XSLT processing.
> This module is basicallying Perl bindings to the speedy Sablotron C++
> library [3]. I've heard lots of good things about AxKit, and seen it
> being used in  production systems before.
> Matt Sergeant also has a CPAN module XML::XPath which can process XPath
> searches on a DOM. Matt does great work, I've used his XML::SAX package
> heavily, and would recommend you check it out.
> I know XML is a dirty word in some circles but I have been thinking about
> offering up a talk proposal for chicago-pm on using XML data from Perl.
> There  are lots of modules available, and I was thinking I could provide
> a view from  1000 ft on parsing XML from Perl, and some practical
> examples of the various  module uses, including guidance on when one
> approach is more suitable than  another. If anyone is interested in this
> let me know, and I'll start  collecting stuff.

A decent set of examples developing a nested SAX in
stages would be helpful. All the doc's I can find start
with a glaringly simple example then skip to messy one
in a single step.

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