[Chicago-talk] Processing XSLT with Perl

Christopher Nava starbuck at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Feb 11 10:49:29 CST 2004

Does anyone have experience with XSLT processing in Perl?
What module do you recommend?

I'm attempting to process some XML/XSLT and I'd like to use Perl.

I tried downloading the XML::XSLT module from CPAN.
However, it hasn't been updated in over 2 years and I'm running into some bugs (more like incomplete functionality since what's been implemented seems to work fine.)

I saw XSL::Xalan and XSL::Xerces listed as well... (Are ether of these any good?)

I need something that does XSLT transformations and is a relatively complete implementation.
I'd LIKE something that exposes the DOM to Perl so I can do a few XPath searches and the like.  (But it's not required.)

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