[Chicago-talk] rt.cpan.org question

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Tue Aug 17 20:03:37 CDT 2004

>"Comment" adds a comment to the history, visible to anyone who can
>view the bug/issue, but sends no email.  "Reply" adds a comment to the
>issue history, and also sends that comment to the original requestor
>and anyone else listed as an interested party for the issue.  Neither
>is particularly "private", as I recall.

Actually "comment" can have it's own privileges distinct from reply within RT. For 
instance, if you were using RT to do support for your clients, you'd "reply" to 
everything you want the client to see and "comment" to everything you only want internal 
people to see. So "comment" is usually where you want to say:

I can't believe this client is such a f###ing idiot!

However, this stuff is all tweakable in RT, so it depends on how your RT administrator 
has configured it.

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