[Chicago-talk] Piping from perl to perl under win2k -- correct syntax?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Fri Apr 2 18:47:56 CST 2004

> Running the above command generates an empty output file, so obviously
> isn't correct (if I split the commands and generate a temporary file
> everything works ok, but I cannot do this in production as the temp file
> theoretically could run up to 6-12 GB in size).
> this fails with an empty output file as well:
> perl myparser.pl < perl logresolvemerge.pl big_file_a big_file_b

Should be foo | bar.


    bar > a;
    foo < a > b;

produces the proper output then

    bar | foo > b;

should work also.

What happens if you run the downstream stage in the perl

    foo | perl -d bar > b;

see what the input loop is doing -- or print the lines
as they are read. It may be a logic error in handling
of ^Z's.

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