[Chicago-talk] Piping from perl to perl under win2k -- correct syntax?

Stephan Noe sgnoe at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 2 16:09:40 CST 2004

I have a question re: the proper method / syntax to the output of one perl process into a second process in the windows 2k cmd shell. I have 2 large apache logs which I am merging with logresolvemerge.pl (from awstats) then attempting to pipe into my custom log parser, i.e.
perl logresolvemerge.pl big_file_a big_file_b | perl myparser.pl 
(outputs an excel spreadsheet, 'cuz thats what the executives want)
Running the above command generates an empty output file, so obviously isn't correct (if I split the commands and generate a temporary file everything works ok, but I cannot do this in production as the temp file theoretically could run up to 6-12 GB in size).
this fails with an empty output file as well:
perl myparser.pl < perl logresolvemerge.pl big_file_a big_file_b
I realize this is very shell 101 but what am I missing here?
Stephan Noe
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