[Chicago-talk] straw poll

Richard Solberg flateyjarbok at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 22:00:06 CDT 2003

--- Mike Fragassi <frag at ripco.com> wrote:
> OK, let's sample some opinion.  Please email the
> list (or me personally,
> if you're shy -- though you needn't be, really!)
> with your predelicitions
> concerning these questions:
> 1) are weekend afternoons (once a month) worse or
> better meeting times for
> you than the current scheme of Monday evenings?

I would like to keep it on a weekday evening of Monday
thru Thursday.

> 2) would you come to perl presentations (ie, someone
> giving a structured
> talk, as we've been doing the last few months) once
> a month even if the
> atmosphere was more formal -- ie, in an office
> building instead of a bar,
> no beer, no food (unless someone brings chips or
> donuts), etc.?
> I.e., is the beer-factor *that* necessary?

I would like to see alternating between downtown
meetings and in an office building like Allstate at
another location away from the loop, but still only
once per month.  Gives the people in the burbs a
hopefully closer location.   

> 3) are you at *all* interested in social meetings? 
> That is, if we
> bothered to set up 2 meetings a month, one for
> "tech" (i.e., the
> semi-formal tutorial presentation), and one for
> "social" (in a bar, with
> anything goes) -- would you be at all interested in
> the latter, or would
> the former do it for you for the month?  Or vice
> versa?
More than once a month is too much for me, but
alternating formats would be fine.

> "No opinion"/"don't care either way" are valid
> answers.
> -- Mike F.
> Your Cruise Director.
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