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Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Mon Sep 1 21:57:16 CDT 2003

At 9:46 PM -0500 9/1/03, Steven Lembark wrote:
>--On Monday, September 01, 2003 21:13:18 -0500 Jay Strauss 
><me at heyjay.com> wrote:
>>That's too bad, no search definitely cuts down the list's benefit (at
>>least for me)
>What do you want from a list run by Python; if it were important
>you've have memorized it the first time :-)
>I could digest the list and put it someplace searchable; my mail goes
>through extra storage filters anyway.

It's thread-searchable, although not keyword.  That's usually more 
useful to me anyway.

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