[Chicago-talk] Topic for next meeting: Perl Blogging Techniques

jason scott gessner jason at multiply.org
Mon Sep 1 11:01:01 CDT 2003

Hi All.

I will be giving the talk in a couple weeks on perl blogging techniques.

Here is my 30 second description:

Blogs are everywhere.  Blogs are those pages that wannabe critics use to
post rants about new movies/games/tv shows/music etc.  They are also
those pages that have entry after entry of personal journal writing.  Or
political ranting.  Or tech ranting.  Basically lots of ranting.  ;)
But a blog is more than that.  A blog is a simple way for people or
groups to publish ANYTHING.  Blogs are built with blog software, some
with complete web interfaces, some very simple.  Most have external
programming APIs or, like any web app, can be scripted via
WWW::Mechanize.  This is where things get interesting.
Since blogs don't have a set content (or content presentation
structure), you can use the output format and posting APIs to do
whatever you like.

Here is my rough outline for the talk.  As I finish it up, I will post
code samples and PDFs of the handouts on my site:

1.Blog Basics (brief)
	1.What is a Blog?
	2.What software exists for setting up a blog?
2.How can I use perl with my blog?.
	1.General Info
		1.APIs are based on XMLRPC. 
		2.Some (like MT.pm) use the vendor's code directly.
	2.Blogger API0.
	3.MetaWeblog API
	4.Movable Type Extended API
3.Uses for these APIs: Alternative Interfaces
	1.Cell Phones
	3.Instant Messenger
4.What APIs are out there to find out who is talking about my site?
	3.Good Ol' Fashioned Google
5.How can I syndicate my site or find out when other people have updated
their sites?
6.What does the future hold?
	1.Echo/ATOM API
	2.Syndication formats?
	3.Semantic Web?

I hope to see you there!

BTW:  I have also been asked to do this talk at COD in October.  I will
post details when I dig them out.

-jason scott gessner
    jason at multiply.org

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