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Scott T. Hildreth shild at sbcglobal.net
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Use it all the time.  I use perl -d -e0 quite a bit.
I use to test something as I am coding or to demonstrate for 
someone how something works.  Although I like using ddd or
xgdb, I pefer the command line over using a qui for perl.
I don't understand how someone would prefer print statements
over the debugger.  I like that fact that I can load modules
while debugging, such as Data::Dumper, or print/dump variables
without adding extra code.  With debugger it is easier to step
into a CPAN module that may not behaving correctly.  I have 
found bugs that way and emailed a patch to the author.  I do
think that using a log4perl, where the logging level can be 
set, is good for production code.  In conclusion, I find the
debugger an valuable tool.  :-)
On 26-Nov-2003 Steven Lembark wrote:
>> Steven Lembark will be discussing the Perl debugger.
> General questions:
>  - For people who use the deubber (or ptkdb): what are
>    the things use use most? Why? How?
>  - For people who don't: why not? What would you want to
>    know in order to use it?
> My own uses are testing constructs before actually
> committing them to code and finding out why my
> stream-of-semiconsiousness code blew up on me :-)
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