[Chicago-talk] Stealth Perl Install and then the old swap-a-roo?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Fri Nov 14 14:06:08 CST 2003

-- Jay Strauss <me at heyjay.com>

> Whether it will work or not I have no idea, but why do you install the
> modules first then replace perl, instead of replacing perl first, then
> installing your modules?

Suggestion: leave vendor distributed code alone unless you
are replacing it with more vendor distributed code using a
vendor approved method.

The whole point to having /opt on the system outside /usr
is to put your own software into it. Just install perl into
/opt/perl/5.8.1,, make a few symlinks, and use /opt/bin/perl
in your own #! code.

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