[Chicago-talk] Stealth Perl Install and then the old swap-a-roo?

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Fri Nov 14 11:16:09 CST 2003

>does each version then have it's own set of dependencies and it's own separate module 
>collection?  That would be ideal so that I could do this incrementally.

Yes. I install each into their own folder /data/perl-5.8.2 for instance (/data is a big 
RAID5 partition on all my servers), but you could put them into /usr/local or /opt or 
whatever. I put aliases in /usr/bin for each just cuz it's a few characters less than 
typing /data/perl-5.8.2/bin/perl.

>if I install to,. say /usr/local/perl5.8.2 and on the shebang use
>#!/usr/local/perl5.8.2/bin/perl  everything will pull from that installation?  What 


>about other utilities (perldoc, etc).  Will i simply have to make some 582 aliases?

You could either make links in /usr/bin for each or just reference them with a full path 
each time.

JT ~ Plain Black

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