[Chicago-talk] Bye bye Coogan's

Steven Lembark lembark at jeeves.wrkhors.com
Tue Nov 4 07:29:25 CST 2003

> 	If so, I'll see you all this month. If not...well, it's been nice
> knowing you all, and maybe I'll be able to come again if I buy a car and
> lose my job.

We will still be meeting at Coogans, on the 3rd monday (same Bat Time,
same Bat Channel...).

There is nothing sacred about Coogans long term: if anyone can find
another free place to meet that's fine with me. The main problem is
that anyone else we've spoken to -- including the Library and Loyola --
want cash for the room.

I may have one other place to try: IIT, which is near the L and JFK
but not the Metra.

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