[Chicago-talk] Building a module (distrubution)

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Nov 2 15:24:30 CST 2003


I'm building a bunch of packages for interacting with Ameritrade.  There is
no cpan module for this, so I figured maybe I should build it for possible
upload to cpan.


1) Is it realistic to think anyone would use this, considering it's real
money, to do the tests would require someone supply a real ameritrade userid
/ password

2) I figured I could build it under Finance::Ameritrade, and build modules
for transaction, trade in Finance::Ameritrade::Trade

You think that is a problematic structure?

3) If I went with the above structure, how would I get it to install all the
components under Finance::Ameritrade?  That is, if i do
cd Finance/Ameritrade
perl Makefile.pl
make test
make install

how would I get it to install Finance::Ameritrade::Transaction too?


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