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WALL: I not only want Perl to be a good 'glue' language, I want Perl people
to be good 'glue' people.

FEED: What makes a good 'glue' person?

WALL: Let me distinguish two different kinds of joiners. You have people who
will join a movement and be totally gung-ho about it. That's great. We need
the cheerleaders.

But that's merely a form of tribalism. What we also try to encourage are the
kind of joiners who join many things. These people are like the intersection
in a Venn diagram, who like to be at the intersection of two different
tribes. In an actual tribal situation, these are the merchants, who go back
and forth between tribes and actually produce an economy. In theological
terms we call them peacemakers.

In terms of Perl language, these are the people who will not just sit there
and write everything in Perl, but the people who will say: Perl is good for
this part of the problem, and this other tool is good for that part of the
problem, so let's hook 'em together. They see Perl both from the inside and
from the outside, just like a missionary. That takes a kind of humility, not
only on the part of the person, but on the language. Perl does not want to
make more of itself than it is. It's willing to be the servant of other

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> "Is every part of Perl so 'hackerish?'," he asked rhetorically.

"hackerish", as in "maintaining the distribution of a product
on your local system"? If so, then yes: if you want to maintain
the local system then it is reasonable that you know what the
hell you're doing before screwing things up. You can also check
perldoc for CPAN and get all of this: it's not obfuscated even
if the settings are non-obvious.

enjoy playing SysAdmin :-)

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