[Chicago-talk] "I don't have permission to install amoduleonthesystem!"'

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sat Dec 27 23:43:57 CST 2003

-- petemar1 <petemar1 at perlmonk.org>

> "Is every part of Perl so 'hackerish?'," he asked rhetorically.

"hackerish", as in "maintaining the distribution of a product
on your local system"? If so, then yes: if you want to maintain
the local system then it is reasonable that you know what the
hell you're doing before screwing things up. You can also check
perldoc for CPAN and get all of this: it's not obfuscated even
if the settings are non-obvious.

enjoy playing SysAdmin :-)

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